Maximize your revenue as much as possible by getting the full value and benefits of all donations received when you operate the Xcel way!

What you get as an organization

Full Control of Transactions

Gain access to digital records of all value received right from your device! Review all transactions performed on the platform at your own convenience with the required authorizations.

Secure Transactions

Xcel eliminate all risks associated with the unauthorized use of payment card details provided by donors. Every donor can support you with an absolute peace of mind!

Direct Integration to HRMC

The Xcel platform is integrated with HMRC to enable the automatic forwarding of claims to HMRC on behalf of registered customers.

Data Management

With access to all data on transactions, you as an organization can easily export data out and share readily with HMRC.

Increase in Gift Aid Claims

With availability of digital access to every transaction on the platform, the process of claiming Gift Aid is improved and more efficient.

Real Time Value

Get the real-time value of all your sales and collections paid directly into preferred your account immediately in no time.